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PPL INside Us Track Notes 


1. ROCKABYE its kind of a psychedelia kind of tune, kind of buddhist in a way -(psychabuddist) and maybe not - it can be about whatever you want it to be about. Its a combination of old and new.  It doesn’t really matter when you wrote a song or created it - its a process. Its just a stud of a little song.  Art Khu came up with a wonderful baseline on on this track and Richard Michos did some great production and guitar work on the original production much of which is still in place here. Mike Vanderhule adds the drumset live.

Lead Vocals: B2/ Lead Guitar: Bob Kinney/ Guitar: Art Khu/ Bass: Art Khu/ Drums: Mike Vanderhule/ Background Vocals: Joe Kondzeilla, Bob Kinney, B2

Lyrics & Arrangement: B2, Richard Michos


2. SHOUT IT OUT is a dance groove and the voice in it is this guy screaming out - frustrated, feeling like he can’t make a living anymore. It’s really about where B2 was at when he wrote it. That struggle of not being able to pay your bills.  As B2 drives through SF now seeing these homeless people - displaced people - who have lost their jobs their homes and no one seems to care. They drive around and complain about them.  All these people and corporations that have moved in on SF in the last 10 years and raised the rents. Our society is so split right now - you have your millionaires and you have the destitute and then the rest of us in the middle getting squeezed from both ends. Jon Steiner on Piano. Richard Michos on lots more.

Lead Vocals: B2/ Guitar: Richard Michos/ Keyboards: John Steiner/ Drums: B2

Written by: B2 & Scott Condos/ Lyrics & Arrangement: B2  CLICK FOR LYRICS

PRODEDURE & RAPIDLY are both part of a two part piece that actually segues into each other and go together. 


3. PROCEDURE is about coloring inside of the lines. So this song is an invitation to just have some fun with life and the 24/7.  Artists have value and music has value. Now everyone with push button app things that they are an artist or an entrepreneur. It takes away the value of working at something and building a craft. There’s a place in the middle where we all have to meet. The corporate dance- tech right now. There’s no live drums on this because its all about mechanics and a lack of love or absolute procedure, “Are you following procedure? Did you get to work on time?” Everyone’s a CEO.  Its the flip side of the blue suits. Its so weird - its like the intention of things - this intention to DISTRUPT. Is it really moving things forward? I say YES Its kind of punk - kind of like an FU-  it was about changing the world together - they are all about just changing the world.  Intent is a new world. Richard Michos is the king of the world now isn't he!  

Lead Vocals: B2/ Lead Guitar: Richard Michos/ Keyboards: Richard Michos/ Drums: Doug Garza/ Background Vocals: B2

Written by B2 & Scott Condos/ Lyrics & Arrangement: B2  CLICK FOR LYRICS


4. RAPIDLY co-written by Scott Condos who co-wrote several of these songs as well.What it is about is did you ever have that horrible boss who is always having an emergency - or even that voice in you head that always says “Get it done now” - well that’s what this is about. That voice that can run us for so many years. All those judging voices in B2's head - in all of our heads. The sound effects were kind of a by product of all the documentaries B2 has watched over the years. There Bam at the end, I come crashing in through the voices.  CC plays the guitar on this one. 

Lead Vocals: B2/Guitar: CeCe/ Acoustic & Bass: Richard Michos/ Sound FX: B2/ Drums: B2/ Background Vocals: B2

Written by B2 & Scott Condos/ Lyrics & Arrangement: B2  CLICK FOR LYRIC


5. LET IT ROLL B2 wrote this song but it started from another idea. Its about calling out all those liars -  those “Big Eyes’ that people get when they are just full of it. Its about people using you and then dumping you. It was inspired by seeing how people behave on social media like Facebook and wondering if they are in touch with what’s going on through their lifetime - psycho-logically and all that. 


This song features John Rowe on slide guitar. I knew John when I was just a kid. He was like my big brother and it was so wonderful to reunite with him and have him play leads on this song. He’s a little older and wiser now but he is still a monster player. He has always had HIS way of doing things and he is a brilliant and creative guy. 


It also features Art Khu who just shows up huge on this entire record playing parts and grooves. He’s a really interesting guy and in the studio he gets really creative and passionate - kind of like a musical prodigy- right- we are lucky- WTF!  It shows when he plays. He is amazing. Mike Vanderhule on drums, Rich Michos and Bob Kinney on guitars.


Lead Vocals: B2/ Lead Guitar: John Rowe/ Guitar: Art Khu, Bob Kinney/ Keyboard: B2,CeCe/ Bass: Art Khu/ Drums: Mike Vanderhule/ Background Vocals: Bob Kinney, CeCe, Lisa Battle

Written by: B2, CeCe, Art Khu/ Lyrics & Arrangement: B2 & CeCe CLICK FOR LYRICS


A MEGA BIG THANKS to all of the artists above who contributed their artistry to these tracks and who's positive energy and amazing talent keep us coming back for more! Special thanks also to Scott Condos, Tom Size, Alan Rosen, Tom Sawyer, and Randal Blair for their support, guidance and encouragement. 

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