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is a many things - a filmmaker, photographer, writer, designer, producer, director, editor, engineer and friendly, soulful character who you just feel like you have met before. 


Born and raised in Yonkers, NY, CeCe began dancing at a very early age. She was forever bouncing between competative swimming, academics and the arts - piano, guitar, dance, singing, acting, musical theater.

She was a class clown and a bit of a rebel but was always an excellent student and was accepted at Duke University.  CeCe studied Psychology, English, Theater & Film. After graduation she went on to live in Manhattan where she worked at the American Place Theater and assisted the Duke in NY Arts program exposing her to amazing events like B.A.M.  While living in Manhattan she studied dance and acting and her passion for the arts grew. 


Moving out to CA in 1996 was a giant leap into the unknown, but CeCe has always had an adventuraous spirit. Life on the west coast was absolutely an adventure that finally lead her to a career in the film industry as a lighting technition, editor and director of photography. She was blessed to work on many independant films as well as many of the bigger films like The Matrix Reloaded, What Dreams May Come, Sweet November, Groove, Swing, Wildflowers, Last Last Night as well as many music videos for artists such as E-40, TooShort, Jewel, The Wallflowers, and others. She co-produced an award winning feature film called Ever Since the World Ended with several friends and has made several shorts on her own. 


After leaving the film industry in the early 2000's, CeCe studied the healing arts and began a deeper journey of self-discovery. This began a process of healing from her oh-so-driven past which included a ten year battle with an eating disorder and coming to terms with the history of alcoholism in her family. Shortly after they met in 2005, she began to work on live events with Brian and got back into production work once again, learning live sound and starting to perform as a DJ/Emcee. 


Music up to this point had been a constant companion, but it was not until she met Brian that it began to be a point of focus artistically. Just spending time with him, her relationship with music became so much more enriched. She began going to see live shows all the time, playing guitar all the time, things began to fall into place more and more. 


"On some level I have always been in love with music, with singing harmony, with the mystery of how music comes to pass. As a singer, dancer and film maker I have always recognized that it is the music that makes the magic happen. There is nothing else like it. I really think that music is absolutely the best and musicians are some of the most genius people I have met. Creating music has been one of the most amazing and revealing experiences of my life. I can only continue to work at it with humility and curiosity. Music is without a doubt one of the most challenging & fullfillling things I have ever done,"


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