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is an tried and true authentic American entertainer who has been bringing joy to audiences since the 1980’s. His talent and charisma are undeniable. He is a mesmerizing entertainer and he delivers every time. His quick wit and high energy performances keeps people on the edge of their seats and dancing in the aisles.


Brian had the “sweetest tenor” voice that his grade school choir director Sister Sheila had ever heard - she made him the first 8th grader to perform with the high school choir - and so it began. Of course that his singing career began in Catholic school should bear some weight here as well. His family moved around quite a bit and performance soon became the way he overcame the adversity of having to always be the “new kid” not always the most pleasant experience. He was always a bigger kid and was bullied a lot. His family moved seven times in nine years - its a wonder he doesn’t have anti-social personality disorder...but maybe one of those subpersonalities does!


Fate landed him in Concord CA, and at 18 he was the youngest cast member in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. He performed nightly with Ted Neely and Carl Anderson and had his first real taste of being a professional performer. At nineteen, Brian was hired by Chase/Berman productions as the local entertainment host on United Artists Networks.   He featured local Entertainment news and  interviewed bands like Cheap Trick and Elvin Bishop. The shows were aired in the Bay Area and the Cheap Trick show is a cult classic. Brian became a regional star of stage and screen. 


Brian worked for and was mentored by the one and only Bill Graham, working as a “Blue Coat” for the Bill Graham Organization in the early 1980's. This invaluable experience exposed him to many of the renowned “Day On the Green” concerts and created the foundation of how he produces shows today. 


All the while, Brian was writing and recording original music. His group Iguana Twist appeared on the SF club scene, opening for Chris Issac and working with Layne Rico”.  Round about this same time he became a fixture at a local recording studio of the legendary Rowe Brothers. Says Brian, "If there’s someone to be put on a pedestal for me its John Rowe - just a great player and a great guy and a great producer too. Brilliant fucking guy. He’s my roots. Him and his brother Pete Rowe. I didn’t know shit until I met those guys and they taught me pretty much everything I know about music and how to put it together and stuff - and their brother Duncan too. They were the first ones. Their father John was a musician. They were the family in a way I wished I had come from. We should all sit down some time and match our dysfunctions. They were like the Rolling Stones of Contra Costa County. They were the bad guys, but they were also really likable guys. I’m so proud to have known these guys and to have known John and to have worked with them. don’t mistake this for some kind of weird thing (cause that’s what he’ll do I can hear him now) I’m just really grateful to him."


Brian learned the process and began to experiment with his own sound which brought him to the attention of Matt Wallace (producer of Faith No More, Maroon 5,  O.A.R, Train,The Replacements, Paul Westerberg, and others). He began to record ideas in Matt’s garage and formulate songs with his original group - one of which would go on to be produced as a video by Ralph McMullen  which aired on MTV’s Basement Tapes. Brian nearly fainted when he got the call from the one and only Martha Quinn. This led to meetings with Warner Brothers, but sadly the timing did not line up as the name of his group “Rapid Eye Movement” was in conflict with the name of another group from Atlanta who had just been signed - true story. 


Undaunted and determined to pursue his career as an entertainer Brian returned to the Bay Area and began to perform to backing tracks - building a following that would line up around the block from Thurs - Saturday to watch his high octane mix of comedy and singing everything from Neil Diamond to ACDC. Eventually “Brian and the Dominos” was formed and the group to work in just about every lounge in the western united states. Brian may still hold the record for the most worked entertainer in the history of Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.  While touring the Western United States with his band Brian & the Dominos, he was noticed by Las Vegas Producer Mark Callas (son of comedian Charlie Callas) who offered him a leading role with the original cast of American Superstars at The Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas. This was a great opportunity and would deliver him to the Las Vegas Strip - a life's dream, realized!   He took the job and anchored the inaugural cast of American Superstars for a year. American Superstars is currently up and running and one of the most successful shows in Vegas history!


As the closing act for "American Superstars" in Las Vegas Brian became aquainted with the character of Jolliet Jake Blues which he would become expert at over the next two decades. Even as a character, Brian's energy is contagious and when Brian gets going - look out!  Brian's success with Joliet Jake continued with the formation of "Rubber Biscuit's Rockin' Blues Revue" produced in partnership with Marten Benatar and Scott Thomas.  They played hundreds of events for millions of people all over the world. They sold out the showroom at Harvey's Lake Tahoe week after week and along the way performed with so many legends including Eddie Money, The Beach Boys, Mary Wilson & The Supremes, Sha-na-na, War, The Leon Hughes Coasters, Bill Cosby, The Grass Roots,   The Drifters,   The Flamingoes,   Hamilton & Joe Frank and Reynolds, Paul Rogers, Rick Springfield, Bruce Willis and The Return of Bruno, Jake Johansen,   Survivor,   Bill Haley's Original Comets, The Platters, Sonny Turner, Tommy Bell, Rob Hannah, Junior Brantley, John Lee Hooker, Bobby Vinton, Sally Struthers, The Diamonds, Elvin Bishop, Sista Monica, Bobby Rush, Norton Buffalo, John Mayall, Tommy Tutone, The Motels, Otis Day and the Knights, Legends in Concert, and many more!


In 2011-2012 Brian returned to the Reno/Tahoe stage with “Rubber Biscuit’s Rockin’ Blues Revue”, performing 20 weeks in the main showrooms to sold out, enthusiastic crowds. In December, Rubber Biscuit entertained at the California Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Governor Jerry Brown, Carlos Santana, Clint Eastwood, the Beach Boys, Buzz Aldren and many others. 


Tuning in you will here influences of his history from Mod to Blues, Classic and Psychedelic Rock to Post Modern Punk, Pop, and EDM. He has a real talent for blending genres and telling a story with his production style. Work has already begun on a next series of songs. 


A true believer in the importance always learning something new, Brian completed his Masters in Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. He developed a workshop called Authentic Performance  and a coaching practice where he mentors performers to be fully self expressed and present in each and every moment. His expertise in entertainment and his ability to compassionately “tell it like it is” enables those he coaches to experience rapid growth and success! 


Brian has derived a great deal of joy in sharing the arts with people. In his own life, being involved in the arts from a young age taught him how to be expressed and ultimately helped him create a long lasting career.  He taught students at Skyline High School in Oakland (former stomping grounds of Tom Hanks) and from his class created a play that was written from their life stories. He would very much like to create a non-profit that helps to keep much needed arts programs in schools. Brian has also done several benefits for the Make-A-Wish foundation and many schools in the Bay Area.


"I just want to go on the road and just get out there and play live. I’ve never not been successful once I’ve committed. I can still do it. I got something to say and I think its pretty cool. I’ll open for anybody anywhere and give them a run for their money. I’m the best front person there is. I’m the best in the world at what I do."

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